Sunday, January 22, 2012

DSAI was interviewed by BBC

DSAI: We want to make ensure that Malaysia remain mature, democratic country, respect human rights and move forward.

BBC: Will you run for political office?

DSAI: I'm a member of parliament, I lead opposition in [parliament and we coordinate the opposition coalition and we've represented our case and reform agenda to the Malaysian public, let’s Malaysians decide through a fair and free election not a condoning fraudulent processes in the elections.

BBC: Ok, a fraudulent process in the elections…in effect, you're saying that the Government has to be seen to be totally clean. Following you on Twitter just this week, you were talking about how corrupt the Government was. You're a free man. Demonstrably, the Government as is; is doing its best to make sure that the atmosphere, that the 'mood music' doesn't lend itself to allegations of corruption.

DSAI: I welcome the decision, however surprising it was, I came to the court prepared with my medicine, my toiletries...but the decision as I said was a surprise but notwithstanding, we still call for judicial reform! We call for the government to take the necessary measures to free the country in terms of control UMNO dominated government, racist policies, discriminated policies and unfree media. This is important. It is half of century after the independence. We can’t go to the root of aggressive manner and considering the government know all and can control the people.

BBC: How far do you want that message of freedom to go? Because your case, that you've just been acquitted over, that generated a really, a really newly-invigorated gay rights movement in your country...There were a lot of people stepped up to bat over that, even though you'd been acquitted. Are you prepared to take that idea of anti-discrimination as far as gay rights?

DSAI: We will have to review some of the archaic laws. We, Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia, generally believe and are committed to support the sanctity of marriage with a man and a woman, but we should not be seen to be punitive and consider the archaic laws as relevant. We need to review them. We do not promote either homosexuality in public sphere or domain. I don’t think we will make apologies towards that. But I think to use this sort of legislation to be punitive, punish innocent people cannot be condoned or tolerated.

BBC: Do you also have to change the skeleton if you will of the legal process in your country...because I mean you've been at the forefront of Malaysian politics for what 14 years, since 1998, when you first got onto the front pages...There is a sense in which people are saying very negative things about you still, and it is this: They are saying you were allowed several appeals over the past two years. The father of your son's accuser is saying he was allowed no appeals whatsoever...
They're saying the kind of thing that's been said about the judiciary in your country for a long time, which is it's one law for people like you who've got the money and the traction, and it's another law for real people?
DSAI: That is incorrect! To suggest that we're stopping. The decision is purely the decision of the prosecution. They used the police, they used the prosecutors, they used the judiciary, to the advantage ...and smeared me, they used the media, the international media do interview me ...but not one word in the local media, the television stations. I'm Opposition Leader, I don't have one minute of air time , and what are they to suggest?...I'm in no position to influence the prosecution, the prosecution says they will take it up at the appeals stage. I made all the appeals, technically yes, but in reality; all of these appeals were rejected as something that is not procedurally correct.
So you say you can appeal but it was rejected summarily by the appellate court. Now in this case it is up to the prosecutors to take it up. It is not my, responsibility, nor have I any influences with this.


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